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Ideally, I would like for this site to live at https://vikorifé, with an accent in the URL. Unfortunately, while most software supports IDNs, there are still some holdouts, and in those programs the domain would be used as for backwards compatibility reasons. That’s kind of ugly, to say the least, so unaccented E it is for now.


This site is run through Cloudflare, which provides some analytics services. I can see how many page-views there were per hour through the last week, and how many there were per day through the last month. I can also see how many unique visitors there were over the same periods. (If you visit several pages on my site, that’s multiple page-views but only one unique visitor.) I can also see how many page-views came from each country over the last day, week, or month.

I may, at my discretion, share some or all of these statistics publicly. I cannot see anything else normally, and if for some reason I do become able to see more, I will not share it without updating this privacy policy, and then only for the period after the privacy policy was updated.

I don’t check my analytics much anyway, so more likely than not, this will never come up.